Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust


Since 1992, the Dartington Cattle Breeding Trust have supported 27 Nuffield Scholars on their learning journey.

DCBT's 2022 Scholar is Kendra Hall.

Kendra's Nuffield Project is entitled:

"Building trust in British Farming through increased transparency of on-farm livestock production"

Further details about Kendra Hall can be found on the Nuffield Website,

DCBT's Previous Nuffield Scholars

All report titles detailed below a scholar are available to download directly from the Reports section on the Nuffield International website

2019 - Mr Duncan Williams

           "Dairy Antibiotics - achieving sustainable use"

2015 - Mr Dafydd Saunders Jones

"Bovine TB eradication programmes across Europe"

2014 - Mr Johnny Alvis *

"Achieving more from less with dairy and arable collaboration"

2013 - Mr Andrew Brewer *

"Who will milk the cows? - the recruitment, training and retention of high quality workers in the dairy industry"

2013 - Mr Jason Vickery *

"Reducing dairy farm costs to prosper in a global market"

2012 - Mr Charles Harrison

"Keeping up with the Johne's - practical opportunities for  the control of Johne's Disease in dairy cattle"

2011 - Mr Philip Darke *

"Planning for the future of the family dairy farm"

2010 - Mr Kevin Beaty *

"Consumer attitudes to how milk is produced"

2008 - Mrs Joanne Speed

"Lameness prevention in dairy cows"

2007 - Ms Fiona Hillman

"Earthworm opportunities for UK Farmers"

2005 - Ms Lucy Andrews *

"Knowledge transfer of science and genetics to farmers"

2005 - Ms Diana Allen

2004 - Mrs Felicity Richards

2003 - Mr Alun Owen

"The role of discussion groups - their assistance in the development of successful agriculture with particular reference to the dairy industry"

2002 - Mr Alan Pye

2001 - Mr Michael Madders

2000 - Mr Kevin Green

1999 - Mr Lyndon Edwards

1998 - Mr Neil Darwent

1997 - Miss Anne Filkins

1996 - Mr Simon Weaver

1995 - Ms Mary Munro

1994 - Mr Paul Richards

1993 - Mr Gareth Williams

1992 - Miss Catherine Hughes

1992 - Mrs Kate Kerr

* jointly sponsored with The Trehane Trust

Some of the Trust's Nuffield Scholars at the DCBT Dinner held at Dartington Hall on Saturday 13 April 2013


Over the last 60 years, the NUFFIELD FARMING SCHOLARSHIPS TRUST has provided over 800 people – in agriculture, associated industries and the rural community - the chance to travel to expand knowledge and understanding.

NUFFIELD Today ...

To date some 1600 Scholars worldwide have benefited from Jack Maclean’s proposal to Nuffield and his Foundation that it should encourage the advancement of agriculture.